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Ipanema 2017 - Versuz

  • Published on 30 May 2017 - 8:44pm UTC
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During the summer months, Club Versuz, in Hasselt offers a cosy and summerly initiative called, Ipanema.

You’re able to visit the best beach or lounge bar in our country on every Wednesday to Saturday from 14H (CET). The theme “Mexico” has been chosen this year, but, of course, Ipanema is also well known for the Ipanema cosiness, the swimming pool, landscaped beach and that special sultry music.
Ipanema is also the ideal location for meetings, company events, a friendly chat and a place to relax in the afternoon.
Ipanema is a must for everyone in our country to visit, and those who enter before 23H (CET) can combine this visit with a free entrance in the top Club, Versuz.