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Rock Werchter 2017 Day 2 30/06/2017 Report

  • Published on 03 Jul 2017 - 6:10pm UTC
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Friday the 30th June on Rock Werchter 2017, a report.

Our Rock Werchter visit started with Dua Lipa. The British singer is known for her hit ‘Be The One’, which meant a first ‘dance’-highlight for us.
The Belgian band, Bazart, was pointed out as next must see artists on our list. The pop styled Dutch-language music having irresistible synths being a steering element, was a major success. We were blessed with a first lovely and sweet moment when bringing the song ‘Chaos’ but it felt like the complete ‘Barn’ patiently waited for the monster hit ‘Goud’. An absolutely wonderful moment at the festival in Werchter.
After the performance of Bazart, we went towards the main stage for the dubstep legend, James Blake, who presented his pop in a one hour long act to the public.
But our visit to the festival was dominated by Bazart and, of course, Charlotte de Witte. According to our Editor in Chief, she’s one of thé Belgian artists in the electronic music world who will be internationally representing our country in the future. So, we were looking forward to the techno beats of the young Belgian lady in KluB C. Nearly the entire dj set was dark techno oriented adding a hard bass kick. It was therefore a surprise and an enthusiastic moment when Charlotte de Witte closed her Rock Werchter adventure ending with the ‘universal’ trance hit ’Universal Nation’ of M.I.K.E. Push.
Our day at Rock Werchter ended with Radiohead on the mainstage, a beautiful performance but generally we felt like everyone was waiting for their big hits such as ‘Creep’.
We would like to thank the organization and all employees for a fantastic day at Rock Werchter. (TE)