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Aquatic (album)

  • Published on 26 Jul 2017 - 7:00pm UTC
  • Artist: Sven Van Hees
  • Rating: 10/10
Aquatic album 260717 EMmag

The Aquatic album of Sven Van Hees.

The 10th Studio album by the Belgian lounge music King, Sven Van Hees, carries the name Aquatic. The album contains 12 tracks being a musical adventurous journey of chill out, lounge, disco and funk-tinged soul, to house and deep house. The words ’Just close your eyes and let the water take you away’ of vocalist Andy Anderson are welcoming everyone to the Aquatic album bringing peaceful lounge music or ’Sunsation’ and evolves further with ’Vanity Hees’. The track ’Some Bunny Out There’ swims in a pond of reggae and ’Summer Night’ remains dubby but sparkling due to the vocal of Sanna Hartfield and the fresh percussion, both ideal for a sultry summer evening. Funk and disco-influenced percussion follows with ’Barracuda Staredown’, to dive into tropical music with ’French Flies’. ’Vitamin Sea’, or there are the 4/4 beats, a blissful house track with a rolling bass line, delayed vocals and keys. ’Motion Of The Ocean’ is our favorite, what a wonderful track, floating in a loungy atmosphere, a 4/4 house beat being brightened up with a relaxing trumpet. The beautiful voice of Sanna Hartfield invites the listener to the vocal house track, ’Expectations’ afterwards. The album ends with ’Breeze, Breeze Out’, a wonderful tropical lounge track that’s built up with sea sounds, a lovely guitar and Arab vocal cuts.
The album Aquatic leans towards perfection regarding to sultry relaxing electronic music.
Sven Van Hees will play the world’s best dance festival, Tomorrowland, on Friday the 28 th July from 16H.00 to 17H.00 (CET) on the Leaf Stage.
Congratulations from Electronic Music Magazine Belgium for the 10th album. (JL)