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Dennis Cartier - Tomorrowland 2017 Interview

dennis cartier tml 2017 interview 090817 EMmag

An interview with Dennis Cartier, a young talent on Tomorrowland 2017.

How did you experience Tomorrowland?
Dennis: Super experience! I was a visitor in 2010 for the very first time, and now a dj there. The atmosphere was just great.

It was your 1st performance on the best dance festival of the world. How did you prepare your set?
Dennis: In terms of song/track selection I have prepared my set a bit. But in the end, the set has evolved completely different. I don’t really like those preparations, I just find it more pleasant to choose the tracks at the moment and spontaneously.

You’re also a resident of the Pulobar concept. Why is Pulobar such a huge success?
Dennis: Correctly! Pulobar was 1 of the first pop-up summer bars in West-Flanders, and becoming a huge success. The brand recognition and reputation of Pulobar grew and continues to grow. It’s an original concept resulting in a great success again this year.

Besides dj’ing, you’re also a producer. Which releases are scheduled on your planning?
Dennis: My latest release is ‘Running’ in collaboration with Ilektrify (also better known as Q-ic). Currently, 3 tracks are on the shelf of a label, which is already supported by a Dutch dj who was also on Tomorrowland the same day of me. But unfortunately, I really can’t tell you more about this release.

How are your dj sets and productions evolving? Do you stay faithful to 1 genre or is there room for other genres?
Dennis: I’m trying to stick to 1 genre this year. As a dj/producer, you’re representing a genre in particular. But as a dj you need to have the knowledge of all genres and quickly adjust. My genre is similar to Tribal House, Electro House, Afro- and Latin House.

Did your performance on Tomorrowland ensures a progress in your career?
Dennis: At first, I really didn’t expect this to happen, but this is correct. Tomorrowland opens many doors and in many areas, such as meetings and also foreign bookings.

Thank you for the interview, and we wish you good luck in your music career. (JL)