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When The Lights Go Out (single)

when the lights go out single 180817 EMmag

The new release of Josh Lasden & Synoptic the When The Lights Go Out (single) on the El Futuro Recordings label.

This year, the Belgian El Futuro Recordings label celebrates 10 Years of existence. ’When The Light Go Out’ is a single release before presenting the 10 Year El Futuro Recordings Chill Out mixed album. This release is a chill out track consisting out of Rhodes, piano, synths and bringing a beautiful adventurous relaxing moment. Just ideal to take a deep breath and relax. Next to the original there’s also a Moustache Music Radio mix presented. This mix was specially made for the DJ set of Josh Lasden on the radioshow. The Moustache Music Radio show is thé reference for eclectic music and being broadcasted every Sunday evening on Urgent FM in Ghent. You’re able to find the complete set below.

The Moustache Music Radio DJ set of van Josh Lasden on: Mixcloud

The 10 Years El Futuro Recordings Chill Out mixed album is expected to be released in September. (TE)