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Laundry Day 2017 Report

  • Published on 03 Sep 2017 - 3:40pm UTC
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The largest 1-day DJ festival on Saturday the 2nd September, Laundry Day 2017, a report.

20 Years edition of Laundry Day was celebrated with a full make over. A star from which each beam was a stage. The biggest 1-day DJ Festival in Belgium showed their innovative character, with obviously a fluent organization. We looked forward to the music of Kölsch, Stephan Bodzin and the stage of the Versuz club. Our visit started with Versuz, where the audience was present in large numbers for the pure House music of the club and where we enjoyed the set of resident, Delafino. We were just in time for the end of set of Kölsch afterwards and eventually stayed on the Vaag vs Labyrinth stage. Fur Coat went slightly further into the music genre tech house, but we waited peaceful for the specific sound of Stephan Bodzin. Just like his performance on Extrema Outdoor Belgium, it was pure enjoyment of Bodzin’s music. Strong but also dreamy and impressive breaks varied in deep and tech house were the main ingredients of the set.
Laundry Day remains the largest 1-Day festival in Belgium with a unique atmosphere. Laundry Day 2018 will take place on Saturday the 1st September. (TE)