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Love At Breakfast 10 Years El Futuro Recordings EP

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The new release of Josh Lasden Ft. Mátyás Blanckaert the Love At Breakfast 10 Years El Futuro Recordings EP on the El Futuro Recordings label.

On Christmas day, the Belgian El Futuro Recordings label presents a special Christmas gift. This to end the 10 Years celebration and to put their popular, Love At Breakfast, track in the picture. An exclusive 10 Years Chill Out remix, but also mixes of Hazem Beltagui, Snorkle, Nerutto, Emma & Not Okay and the Extended Dream Mix are featured. The popular song of Josh Lasden & Mátyás Blanckaert was also presented in a videoclip featuring Justine De Jonckheere (Miss Belgium 2011) and actor Eric Kempeneers.

The official Videoclip of Love At Breakfast on: Youtube

Meanwhile, the El Futuro Recordings label is regular supplier of house, deep house, progressive house but also lounge and chill out music. A futuristic character is a guidance throughout the El Futuro concept, of founder and labelmanager Josh Lasden. (TE)