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Kenn Colt vs Nari & Milani - Come Back To Me (single)

  • Published on 08 Jan 2018 - 2:14pm UTC
  • Artist: Kenn Colt
  • Rating: 9/10
come back to me EMmag 080118

Kenn Colt , 541 Records and News are presenting the single Come Back To Me.

The resident of top club, Versuz, or Kenn Colt, is presenting along with 541 Records and News the single, ’Come Back To Me’. Come Back To Me is the answer of Kenn Colt for the heartbreaking story of the loss of his widely loved girlfriend. A tragic car accident abruptly ended the life of Dominique Lousberg. Back to the music, as this single time quickly rising in the ITunes charts. Come Back to Me is a blissful deep house, future house track in which Rhodes and a beautiful vocal are taking the lead. A video clip was also presented for this single in which images of the love adventure have been processed.

The official Videoclip of Kenn Colt vs Nari & Milani – Come Back To Me on: Youtube

Electronic Music Magazine Belgium wishes Kenn Colt, friends and family a lot of strength during the processing of this tragic loss. (TE)