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Lifecode (album) Review

  • Published on 15 Mar 2018 - 4:03pm UTC
  • Artist: Jens Buchert
  • Rating: 10/10
Lifecode Jens Buchert 150318 EMmag

Dimension Music Production presents the wonderful Lifecode album of Jens Buchert, receiving a well deserved 10/10 rating.

Jens Buchert, also called the Sound Wizard, is worldwide known for his excellent productions. Both lounge, chill out, cinematic, trip hop and house music are providing a wide range of music in his impressive career. His latest album, Lifecode, is a beauty. Lifecode contains 10 tracks ranging from chill out, ambient, tropical trip hop to house music in which both classical, funk and jazz elements have been processed. Our favorites are, the title song Lifecode or Ambient, Messiah Code or dreamy house, Final Destination being Lounge trip hop, Sundrerams and Drive Bell both Loungy House oriented and the album ends with Terraner which is a peaceful piano chill out track. For lovers of chill out, trip hop and summer house beats, this CD is a must-have. With any doubt, a well deserved 10/10 rating for Lifecode. (JL)