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Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2018 Saturday 19/05/2018 Report

  • Published on 20 May 2018 - 2:14pm UTC
XO Sasha Guy J 18

The 2nd day on Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2018.

Our day on Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2018, started with the Defected Records stage and the Belgian house masters Delafino and DJ Licious. Both of them ensured immediately a beautiful atmosphere at the pure house music stage. DJ Haus was programmed on the line up afterwards, who continued very flexibly on the DJ sets of our compatriots but processed a large piece of disco house, italo disco and funky house in his set. The result was an ideal cosy atmosphere and ideal warming for Sam Divine and label manager Simon Dunmore.
We went shortly towards Stephan Bodzin who just brought his world hit, Zulu, with a large explosion at the main stage as result. The Laybrinth Club stage was the sanctuary for deep house, progressive house and progressive fans on the 2 day of the festival. Guy J mainly brought deep house and tech house, but the audience waited for the living legend Sasha. All high expectations were clearly surpassed from the start. A mix of progressive house, progressive and dreamy trance was perfect at that moment. Sasha was thé man of Extrema Outdoor Festival 2018. Thanks to Studio Brussels, we could listened to the DJ set of Sasha until the bitter end, which was broadcast live.
Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2018 is undoubtedly a success story.