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Björk Ghent 2018 Wednesday report 11/07/2018

  • Published on 12 Jul 2018 - 3:40pm UTC
Bjork 120718 EMmag

Björk presented her album Utopia on Wednesday the 11th July in Ghent, a report.

Nature and electronic music, hand in hand as if they were best friends. This is the ideal way to describe the atmosphere of the concert of the Icelandic, Björk, yesterday evening in Ghent. Lovers of danceable electronic music were left alone wanting to have more, but for those who love futuristic chill out and lounge music, this was a feast. The stage was a fairytale, as well as the clothing of all artists, this in combination with the visuals resulted in a wonderful setting. Swans, forest, rivers, mountains and a rotating forest element on stage ensured a relaxing character. Sharp flutes, a harp, percussion and keyboards were the only musical elements of the concert wherein Human Behaviour became a highlight during the performance of the album Utopia.
The organization was in hands of Ghent Jazz and, just like the concert, all visitors were welcomed in a pleasant way.
Maybe we had missed the song, Violently Happy, in the set, yet this concert was an ideal evening for chill out, ambient, lounge and futuristic music lovers.