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Electronic Music Magazine Belgium

Tomorrowland 2018 Friday 20/07/2018 Report

  • Published on 21 Jul 2018 - 4:03pm UTC
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Electronic Music Magazine Belgium was present on Tomorrowland 2018, the best dance-festival of the world, on Friday the 20th July, a report.

Our 1st day on Tomorrowland started with the Belgian techno queen, Charlotte de Witte. Her steamy techno beats, on the mainstage of Tomorrowland, were ideal for the largest stage at the festival, but we do have a small preference to program her set a little bit later.
The Cafeína stage was declared the best house stage at Tomorrowland last year, and the concept from Antwerp offered a very strong setting this year. Both musically and the cosiness at the Cafeína stage was just excellent. The first artists that we saw were Delafino in a versus with the B2B Soundsystem dj team, which proved to be a good combination. Their set evolved from summer house to vocal house. Afterwards we took the time to explore the festival, as every year Tomorrowland surprises with new stages, decorations and total experiences.
Our voyage of discovery stopped at the Cafeína stage to admire the Defected In the House artist, Sam Divine. A dj set filled with vocal cuts such as Break U Down To The End Of The Groove, Feel Much Better (track: At Night), this resulted in a wonderful atmosphere at the Tulip stage.
Techno wonder, Joris Voorn, started on the mainstage, and this DJ set was, in short words, simply excellent. Detroit techno covering many emotions in which the club classic Fiesta and Music Sounds Better With You suddenly deserved a place in this dj set. Finally, we experienced the entire set of Mr Voorn.
Next up, were the hits, such as Rio, of Netsky which also meant a larger crowd on the mountain in opposite of the mainstage. The audience was quietly making a move towards the mainstage for the closing.
A quick return to the Cafeína stage for the Spanish dj, Edu Imbernon. A DJ set situated between deep house and tech house where there was also some space for emotion proved to be a bull’s eye. Thé Cafeína man, DJ Roma, closed the stage and continued in this momentum of Imbernon.
Our day ended with the spectacle of Hardwell on the mainstage.
Just like last year we can easily say that the Cafeína stage was the musical miracle of the 1st day at Tomorrowland.
The mainstage is beautiful. A deep-sea stage where visuals are straight coming out of the ocean with waterfalls and blue as the main colour. Or as Jeroen Delodder expressed the stage yesterday on Studio Brussels, the mainstage is one large aquarium.
Tomorrowland 2018 remains a total experience in which each visitor and employee are binging that typical character of peace and love. (JL)