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WECANDANCE 2018 Day 2 Sunday 12/08/2018

  • Published on 14 Aug 2018 - 2:14pm UTC
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Report day 2 WECANDANCE 2018, the best underground music beach festival of Belgium.

Once again, the WECANDANCE festival was a pleasant and cosy festival on our Belgian coast. From the start, our magazine, is reviewing this dance festival which offers underground electronic music. The festival is submerging in a theme, Acid Cowboys, which resulted in nice outfits on the festival as the festival is well known for music, art and food all being a total package in that particular theme.
But unfortunately, that’s just it, as the festival is no longer growing and the underground feeling of placing DJs is in a container retained. This could be amusing for visitors, but from a festival like WECANDANCE you just expect a growth which they made in the 1st years but unfortunately has stopped now.
Yet we enjoyed the music of Tale of Us and Stephan Bodzin who brought tech house music on the festival on our Belgian coast, but to be honest we left not really satisfied having a lack of growth and total experience. WECANDANCE stays a very cosy festival and the best underground electronic music festival at our Belgian coast. (NDW)