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Cirao Reunion Saturday 15/09/2018

  • Published on 16 Sep 2018 - 7:00pm UTC
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Cirao Reunion, Saturday the 15th September 2018 in Waregem Expo, a report.

In times when clubs were enormously popular, 1 of leading club was Cirao were qualatitave music was a priority. Therefore, Cirao, was enormous popular in the Belgian club world. The Cirao story lasted only a few years unfortunately, but the stamp that was placed caused a huge impact in the club scene. The Ghent based event agency, Nasty Mondays, presented a compact but very good production in Waregem with the Cirao Reunion last night. Some 800 visitors enjoyed music from the Cirao era, and enjoying is without any doubt a statement as the atmosphere was excellent. Friendly staff greeted us when entering and the room was already well filled with DJ Johan, a first icon and perhaps maybe more known as At The Villa resident. He brought classics such as Secret Cinema’s Timeless Attitude and Barbarella – My Name Is Barbarella.
Another Belgian icon of the Belgian electronic music world, or Fred Nasen, chose to play an old skool vinym dj set which delivered lots of respect and being an ideal warming up for 100 % Isis. De track, Castle Trancelott – Indoctrinate, became a first hysterical climax.
Isis Van Der Wel, the Dutch DJ, or in short 100% Isis, being a regular guest dj at Cirao, suprised everyone with techno alternating with classics like Scotti Deep’s Brooklyn Beats and Jaydee – Plastic Dreams but also having some room for Chemistry club house beats.
We closed the night with the dj set of Phi Phi. Phi Phi was astonishing bringing club pearls as there are The Wavecatcher – Flight Dh 2126, Union Jack – Two Full Moons & A Trout (Caspar Pound Mix), The Visions Of Shiva – How Much Can You Take, Moby’ Hymn
and ending with his own production Honey C – Stop The Disease.
In conclusion, this was a wonderful night with quality music bringing a tremendously joyful atmosphere. As already mentioned a good production, but when the highlight of the event approached a slightly larger hall had been good. Or in other words, there’s a lot of potential and every visitor will undoubtedly wish for a follow-up.