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3 Years Criss Cross Collective

  • Published on 04 Feb 2019 - 9:07pm UTC
3Y CrissCross 040219 EMmag

The Criss Cross Collective celebrates, 3 Years Criss Cross.

The popular West-Flanders based concept, Criss Cross Collective, announces the large event, 3 Years Criss Cross Collective. An event that will take place at the Akademy offering 2 days presenting different artists.
They will be concentrating on urban and hip hop, or the Criss Cross night, with artists: Full Crate, Fresh And Clean, Barbé and El Gallito On Friday the 8thMarch. On Saturday the 9thMarch they offer a house music night, or the Stereo event, with artists such as Djebali, Sifa, Dimitri Andreas and Gerald.
A ticket for 1 night costs 10 euro which you can find on the facebook page.
Electronic Music Magazine Belgium congratulates Criss Cross Collective with their 3 years existence.