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Faro In Field Festival 2019

  • Published on 16 May 2019 - 9:39am UTC
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Starting a festival, open air events are popular in Belgium. We serve you our attention on the festival Faro In Field Festival 2019.

With the closure of clubs and legendary institutes, our country has a bitter aftertaste in terms of electronic music. A response to this is starting a festival or open air event. Faro In Field is a good example of this. Faro In Field was launched last year and immediately welcomed some 100 visitors. Meant as a small-scale event where conviviality and a pleasant atmosphere among friends get the upper hand, became a modest success. This year, Faro In Field will be held on May 26th. The organizers are promising to serve that pleasant atmosphere again but will only announce their artists just the day before the festival. To us this seems a special marketing trick, but it does color the character of Faro In Field. Our magazine will be present at Faro In Field and we also recommend the festival for those who are looking for conviviality. Next to this, Faro In Field is a free entry event. You are able to find more information on the Facebook page of the festival.