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Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2019 report 08/06/2019

  • Published on 15 Jun 2019 - 2:05pm UTC
Report XO 19 Day 2 Matthew Johnson

The 1st day on Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2019.

Amelie Lens, or one of the best Belgian techno music export products, although this seems to be an impersonal name as Amelie is a friendly, talented personality, started our 1st day at Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2019. A relaxing constructive techno set with much room for trippy breaks proved to be an ideal start. On the Defected Records we took a piece of the pure house music set of Belgian top DJs Neon and Joeri, but caused by the heavy rainfall we had to wait for the opening of the Anjuna stage. From The Netherlands, 16 Bit Lolitas or now simply 16 Bit, took us on a beautiful progressive house adventure. The music on this stage was just heavenly and we stayed with following Eli & Fur and the living legend Jody Wisternoff. A funny moment suddenly came when a fan threw his Anjuna T-shirt to the stage demanding to be signed by anyone who was present on or around the stage. But thé performances of Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2019 Day 2 came from respectively HVOB and Mathew Jonson. HVOB is indescribable good. To the great surprise of the band, there was a spontaneous sit down of the audience, just in short words this was a mighty musical performance. But it is bizarre that both, HVOB and Mathew, brought the best sets of the day on such a small stage completely at the very end of the festival site. Johnson, formerly known for minimalist sets, brought a variation of funk, disco tinted house this time. For all attendees, HVOB and Mathew Jonson were thé moment of the day. (JL)