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Ostend Beach 2019 report 13/07/2019

  • Published on 14 Jul 2019 - 7:00pm UTC
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The 2nd day on Ostend Beach 2019.

As the living legends of the iconic club Decadance were first on the line up, we had to start 10 Years Ostend Beach early. Josh Lasden b2b Moody was a pure delight to listen to and dance to. The Decadance club revived in Ostend with classics of Ian Pooley, Pete Heller, Sillicone Soul, Paul Johnson and many more wonderful Decadance tunes. DJ Jensen, also a living Decadance legend, played after Josh and Moody and continued nicely in this diligence. It was unfortunate to program these living legends so early, as in the end they were the artists to bring back the popular sound of the Ghent based Club. People Of Interest, Nukov & Yelmet, Maxim Lany and Nico Morano opted for more deep house and tech house focused music.
Now we couldn’t miss out on Luke Slater, a techno icon, and the hard techno of the early days was neatly replaced by more spacy techno. Not too hard, but ideal to have some variation with the Decadance Stage. We closed Ostend Beach 2019 with Madrid based Dennis Cruz. Unfortunately, Dennis Cruz also opted for deep house but supplemented this with tropical sounds such as percussion, trumpets and Spanish Vocals which brought a sultry atmosphere to the Decadance Stage.
The Decadance Reunion stage was musically the best on the 2 nd day of Ostend Beach, so this stage should definitely come back next year. Yet we are in favour of living Legends Josh Lasden, Moody and Jensen on a later hour. Ostend Beach can rightly be called the best beach Festival in the world and is a must for every music lover to visit. (TE)