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Michael Midnight - Closing Pukkelpop 2019 - Boiler Room

  • Published on 30 Aug 2019 - 2:05pm UTC
Kim Pukkelpop set mixcloud 300819

The closing dj set of Michael Midnight on Pukkelpop 2019.

Resident DJ of the largest underground music festival in Belgium, Pukkelpop, or Michael Midnight, spoils every fan of the festival with his closing set of Pukkelpop 2019. Michael Midnight is a living legend of the Belgian electronic music world and his Boiler Room sets being the last act of the festival are the ultimate last party for every visitor of the festival. Besides his moniker, Michael Midnight, he’s also known for the Flashback Force trio in which he presents a bride adventure through music with fellow living legends Goldfox and DJ Tonic (The Subs) and of course from the legendary duo Ed & Kim.

Enjoy, together with us, the closing set of Pukkelpop 2019 on: Mixcloud Michael Midnight

You’re able to discover photos of this closing set on the official Facebook page of Michael Midnight: Facebook Michael Midnight

We are already looking forward to Pukkelpop 2020 and we are convinced that Michael Midnight will also close the festival in a legendary way at the Boiler Room. (JL)