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Sony Music presents NightAir

  • Published on 15 Jul 2014 - 3:54pm UTC
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Sony Music announces the brand new band, NightAir.

Dimitri Wouters and Andy Janssens, from Belgium, are forming, together with Frenchman Fab Morvan, the brand new band, NightAir, announced by Sony Music (Belgium). While hearing and seeing the music video for the single ‘One Of These Nights’, it’s immediately clear that this band has international potential. Electronic synth-pop in which a catchy vocal, compelling bass lines and minimalist rhythms beautifully fit together. Dimitri Wouters and Andy Janssens are already known in the DJ-scene with appearances at Tomorrowland and Fab Morvan was formerly one of the members from the band Milli Vanilli.
‘We can feel, one of these nights, these guys will be big’. So, we are already looking forward to coming productions and live performances of this band. (JL)