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10DaysOff 2014 Day 1 Thursday 17/07/2014 report

  • Published on 18 Jul 2014 - 11:52am UTC

10DaysOff started last night with an incredible atmosphere and almost a full house.

Dave Clarke in Belgium, that means many visitors. The evening started with Black Asteroid, from the United States, who chose to play ‘Noisy Techno’, hard but filled with snoring sounds that brought a noisy atmosphere. The atmosphere was rising when Dave Clarke prepared for his set. Dave chose to play a mix of techno classics and new productions. A enthusiastic crowd was the result. A good start of ‘The Last Waltz’ in Ghent, ánd it was lovely to see the members of Fuse.
For tonight, many visitors are expected for the ‘Diynamic Showcase’. (JL)