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10DaysOff 2014 Day 2 Friday 18/07/2014 report

  • Published on 22 Jul 2014 - 5:54pm UTC
20Y 10daysoff 2014 EMmag

The 2nd day on 10DaysOff.

This day was dominated by Diynamic, the label of Solomun. Solomun couldn’t be missed and brought Karmon and H.O.S.H. to complete this evening.
Opener of the evening was Joeri, longtime a regular in the Belgian scene, who’s always a guarantee for quality sets. Afterwards the Dutchman, Karmon, ensured that nobody could stand still anymore on this sultry summer evening. Label manager, Solomun, started at 03H.00 and anyone thought that it couldn’t get any better was being tricked. He played a masterly DJ-set with as absolute highlight his remix of Foals with ‘Late Night’. H. O. S. H. began slightly relaxed but after a while everyone joined him in his DJ-set. We stayed until the end with X-ian and went home satisfied after a, more than, successful evening on 10DaysOff. (SVH)