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10DaysOff 2014 Day 8 Friday 25/07/2014 report

  • Published on 26 Jul 2014 - 2:37pm UTC

Erol Alkan on day 8 of 10DaysOff.

Sadly, our journalist was ill, so we had to decide fast and go to 10DaysOff, and also just in time for the end of Ghost Culture. We hear the melodic house of the young gentleman coming from London, but it didn’t took long to the arrival of Daniel Avery on the scene. The expectations were high but the whole set continued to stay in soft house towards tech house. Erol Alkan rapidly moved the tempo afterwards with electro influenced house which got the people in a higher state. Day 9 and 10 are coming up, also the end of 20 years 10DaysOff. (JL)