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10DaysOff 2014 Day 10 Sunday 27/07/2014 report

  • Published on 29 Jul 2014 - 7:04pm UTC

The last day of 10DaysOff 2014.

For the last night on 10DaysOff there was a special reunion announced of the DJ-duo, Ed & Kim. After their set Kim friendly commented in a reaction: “I could play on this festival every day”. We can conclude that they were clearly enjoying their set. CJ Bolland and an enthusiastic Raphael chose to play classics to play, from techno to new beat. Apparently many had come for Darren Emerson as he was enthusiastically received by all visitors. But after an hour Darren Emerson, the time had come to take a rest and be back with the afternoon session.
We came in again at the end of Sheridan & Fred Nasen who were both also clearly enjoying to play their latest tracks. Jan Van Biesen & T-Quest, both icons from the Belgian DJ-world, brought classics and this example was followed by all other artists next in line. The Glimmers ranged with their known disco and funk, but also some breakbeat tracks were pulled out. The last tunes of the last day on the 20 th edition of 10DaysOff were for the organizer, Philip de Liser, who rocked the place with tracks by, for example, Led Zeppelin.
A beautiful edition of 10DaysOff in Ghent. Some sets of can be found on the Soundcloud of 10DaysOff. (JL)