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Cafeina Beach Party 16/08/2014

  • Published on 12 Aug 2014 - 5:10pm UTC
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An exclusive event of Cafeina, 16-hours DJ-marathon with their Beach Party.

Cafeina is a great value in the party-scene of Belgium. For already 8 years the collective organizes events in Antwerp, has its own stage at Tomorrowland and in addition they have a legendary Beach Party. The Beach Party will take place at Bocadero-Waagnatie this year. The party will be held for 16 hours long with as artists Roma, Disco Dasco, Licious, Dave Lambert, Marko De la Rocca, Creamminals, Phill Da Cunha, Audioboulevard, Neon, Tom Leclerq and many others. Of course, the unique atmosphere, which they are also known from at Tomorrowland, will be present on Saturday the 16th August. (JL)