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Club Decadance supports new DJ Talent

  • Published on 28 Aug 2014 - 8:34pm UTC
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Club Decadance supports, also this year, new electronic music talents.

Decadance is one of the best underground clubs of Belgium and a many DJ-talent made their first musical steps there. The club is asking to all new DJ’s in our country, who would like to have a spot next to the many international artists who play there each year. It’s no secret that Decadance is internationally acclaimed for the atmosphere, the friendly reception and the wide choice of music that can be played in the club. Techno, house, progressive, d’nb and even hip hop are possible.
To become a candidate for a DJ-set it is sufficient to send a mail together with a biography and of course a mix uploaded on Mixcloud or Soundcloud.
Mail your DJ-set to:

In a reaction to Electronic Music Magazine, resident Seba Lecompte, informs: “there are no concrete evenings provided, the search for new names is there to serve all promoters and residents of Decadance”.
Electronic Music Magazine wishes all new talents good luck. (JL)