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Expo 25 Years Café d’Anvers

  • Published on 19 Sep 2014 - 4:14pm UTC
25Y CdA 190914 EMmag

Café d’Anvers celebrates their 25 year existence with an exclusive expo.

During the month of October, Café d’Anvers launches a exclusive expo in Antwerp. For 25 Years concept, Café d’Anvers, will show an expo on locations such as Barnini, The Jane, Coffeelabs and eventually to end up in the club.
The very last place to see the photos is during 25 Years Café d’Anvers on the 17th and 18th October. The program features artists Sven Van Hees, Koenie, Steve Cop and on Saturday Lil Louis will come from the United States supplemented by Compuphonic and Bollen & Fichtner.
In addition, the club also announces new residents such as Compuphonic and, known from FM Brussel, Chantal.
Congratulations to Café d’Anvers.. (JL)