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Labyrinth Club Pre Opening 03/10/2014 Report

  • Published on 06 Oct 2014 - 3:59pm UTC
labyrinth pre opening 061014 EMmag

Report pre-opening Labyrint Club in Antwerp.

The organization known by Extreme Outdoor, or Labyrinth Productions, started in the weekend of the 3rd and 4th October a brand new club. Electronic Music Magazine wanted to be present to give you a first impression. The official start was scheduled for Saturday the 4th October, with Solomun, but the Organization couldn’t wait and presented a pre-opening to discover the club. The new Labyrinth Club is located in the Indiëstraat in Antwerp and has 2 rooms. A large hall and a smaller 2 nd room near the entrance. Special about the impressive sound system are the white speakers that stands out immediately. In addition to a friendly staff and the cozy atmosphere is the minimalistic interior is minimalist being black colored. As expected, the music style is of course underground house where there’s room for deep house and tech house. Friday the 3rd October 2014 was the start of a new club adventure in Antwerp and the organization must be satisfied for the large attendance and interest. Among the many attendees Joeri, X-ian, Delafino, Tofke, Alec, the Feestgedruis organization, and also Miss Belgium 2011, Justine De Jonckheere. Labyrinth Club has its own identity, but if we could compare we think of Fabric and The Egg in London. We wish Labyrinth Productions further success. (JL)