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Yves V (Top 100 DJ Mag) Interview

  • Published on 22 Oct 2014 - 5:08pm UTC
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N°55 in the Top 100 of DJ Magazine, Tomorrowland resident Yves V spoke with Electronic Music Magazine (Belgium), an interview.

Congrats with your N°55 spot in the Top 100 of DJ Mag. Satisfied with the result?
Yves V: Thank you. I didn’t expect this, hoped for it though. It’s definitely a good result.

When the Tomorrowland story started 10 years ago, did you expected this to happen?
Yves V: No, not at all expected. From the 3rd edition, I’m a part of Tomorrowland as resident. Already playing on the mainstage then, but for an audience of about 100 people. I didn’t get much response when announcing that I would play at Tomorrowland. But this is completely different now. Playing for about 30.000 people and the response is much bigger.

Is there a busier period or busy year coming up with this result?
Yves V: Well, at the moment I can’t estimate this yet. But everyone is keeping an eye on that top 100, that’s obviously. The year is already filled luckily, but for now I really don’t have any idea what the future will bring.

Which country will follow first now?
Yves V: I’m leaving for India tomorrow and afterwards 2 weeks in Europe will follow with Spain, Italy. After these, I will be going to Brazil, Asia and South Africa.

Do you have an idea in which country your popularity is the largest?
Yves V: No idea really. It’s also difficult to estimate. Brazil is popular as for Tomorrowland. The organization has been chosen the right place to let an edition take place there. I think that in Brazil, or South America, I’m popular due to the many tours, clubs and festivals. In Asia, Europe and America might be less.

Do you think that the current EDM secne or genre is lasting?
Yves V: Yes, I think so. But I do read lot of frustrations. I focus on the positive side of it, because music is my passion. When I started as a 15-years old teenager, I appreciated all music genres, so I find it difficult now to follow those frustrations. There’s respect for all music, all DJ’s, but the EDM scene became more commercial, and then criticism follows. For myself, I’m open for criticism, but still will continue to focus on the positive side. For example, David Guetta means a lot to electronic music. What he’s doing for our music brings more attention to electronic music and he still opens doors for many artists.

Your single with Regi, or ‘Wait Till Tomorrow’ is doing great. Are there more releases in the pipeline?
Yves V: It’s still on the 2nd place in the Ultratop, I think. We’re satisfied with all comments. But it’s a busy time for both of us, so there won’t be a follow up real soon. It was a fun and smoothly collaboration, so definitely, a follow up can be something for the future.

You have also contributed to the Tomorrowland compilation. Is a completely own Yves V mix album an idea for the future?
Yves V: Maybe for the future, but I don’t know whether people are really waiting for a next mixalbum. At the moment I’m especially focusing on different tracks and I would like to produce an album that contains a full story.

How’s your view about the digital developments in music? Do you think that vinyl would get a complete comeback?
Yves V: I always have been a big fan of vinyl. Back in the days I went to play in dance-bars and other gigs carrying 6 boxes full of vinyl and waited a long time to switch to the Pioneer CDJ. Now, the USB’s are offering more opportunities to add effects and fast mixing.

N ° 55 this year, how do you see the result for next year? And do you think that your colleagues Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike could be the very first Belgians picking up the N°1 position?
Yves V: As for myself, I had never dreamed this to happen. The Top 100 in DJ Mag remains a popularity poll. I’m especially happy that I can travel around the world with my music. It isn’t a goal to increase or to remain in this poll but being able to continue my musical adventure. For Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, of course, we hope that they will pick up the N°1 position spot. Undoubtedly, this will be a huge step forward for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Belgian DJ’s and Tomorrowland.

Thank you for the interview and we wish you good luck for the future. (JL)