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The Gates Of Babylon EP

  • Published on 15 Dec 2014 - 4:00pm UTC
  • Artist: Davi
  • Rating: 10/10
the gates of babylon EP 151214 EMmag

Rebellion / Crosstown Rebels presents The Gates Of Babylon EP of Davi.

David Khanjian or in short, Davi, releases a beautiful EP on Rebellion / Crosstown Rebels, the label of Damian Lazarus. This EP was titled, The Gates Of Babylon, and dwells completely in a progressive house atmosphere. Spacious synths, keys and rhodes are forming a music story in both tracks, ‘The Gates Of Babylon’ and ‘Eclipse’. Our preference is to ‘Eclipse’ due to the slightly warmer approach. A release that will bring dance floors worldwide in completely other dimensions. (JL)