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To Love Until We Say Goodbye

  • Published on 24 Dec 2014 - 4:53pm UTC
  • Artist: Marc Marzenit
  • Rating: 9/10
toloveuntilwesaygoodbye 241214 EMmag

The To Love Until We Say Goodbye album of Marc Marzenit on Natura Sonoris Records.

Just newly arrived, the new album of Marc Marzenit, To Love Until We Say Goodbye. A wonderful musical journey through electronica. From ambient, lounge to breakbeat towards deep house and underground house, this story offers an adventurous journey. Currently, there’s a Beatport remix contest running for the title song, ‘To Love Until We Say Goodbye’. But our favorite is without any doubt, ‘Drama Junkie’, which got a progressive house touch by synths, warm keys and vocal samples. A strong release on the Natura Sonoris label, or the label of Henry Saiz. (JL)