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House Masters Frankie Knuckles

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The compilation, House Masters Frankie Knuckles, on Defected.

The compilation, House Masters Frankie Knuckles, is a tribute to one of the most influential house music legends that our planet has to offer. Frankie Knuckles, from Chicago, passed on the 31st March 2014, at the time he was passionately preparing the House Masters compilation for Defected. This compilation will be released on the 26th April and in which all profits will be donated to the Frankie Knuckles Fund, a collaboration with Elton John Aids Foundation. The compilation brings classics, disco, old skool house and of course also many rework of Frankie Knuckles. We can find tracks from artists such Inner City, Lisa Stansfield and the Pet Shop Boys on 2 discs. Carry a warm heart for house music, charity and buy this compilation on the 26th April. (JL)