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DJ Licious - I Hear You Calling - International Breakthrough

  • Published on 24 Mar 2017 - 5:30pm UTC
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DJ Licious is on the verge of an international breakthrough with the release of the single, I Hear You Calling.

I Hear You Calling is the vocal version of Calling. Calling was previously released by NEWS from Ghent where DJ Licious also are Shomi Records label. Today, 24 March 2017, I Hear You Calling exclusive in the UK suggested, but will eventually for a global and international breakthrough. Calling is already a hit in the Benelux, can you hear on radio and TV, so could the vocal not long in coming. I Hear You Calling is released by Shomi/Positiva/EMI/Virgin.

  • Discover DJ Licious Ft. Yolanda Quartey – I Hear You Calling on: Review I Hear You Calling
  • DJ Licious reacts in a telephone call: “A vocal version of the track was a must to have that international breakthrough. It was a long search, that started with the release of the first instrumental version, to have the perfect vocal. We finally found the perfect lyrics, which was written in collaboration with DJ Fresh and sung by Yolanda Quartey. Yolanda is known for her work with Massive Attack and the track ‘Won’t Look Back’ by Duke Dumont.”
    DJ Licious also informs that: ”the structure remained the same as the instrumental version, the strings were only slightly modified to be harmoniously with the vocal of Yolanda.”
    Asking if, I Hear You Calling, will provide an international breakthrough DJ Licious reacts: ” I hope so, but I remain sober in that situation. The track will have to prove itself, but there’s already good response from The Magician and as result I will perform on his stage for the Tomorrowland festival this year.”

    The track, I Hear You Calling, is available from today and we are already very enthusiastic at Electronic Music Magazine Belgium office. This really could be the international breakthrough for DJ Licious, now that he has signed with a major label. Congratulations are therefore well deserved for the Antwerp based DJ, producer and label manager of Shomi Records. (JL)