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Dave Lambert Interview

  • Published on 06 Feb 2015 - 9:00am UTC
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An interview with Dave Lambert.

Great news as the Zillion will come back for an exclusive event at Sportpaleis in Antwerp. You were one of the stated values. For music lovers who weren’t there, what can you tell about the legendary club?
Dave: The club was open for about 4 years and I was a stated value in those last 2 years. Zillion was a pioneer for all the top clubs that we know now and this 14 years back in time. The knowhow, technology was forward-looking and pioneering in that time.

You can compare the club with the Versuz in Hasselt?
Dave: The old team of the Zillion started the brand new Versuz. Some elements were taken from back then, but the Versuz as we know it today is more modern. The show was more a central element in the Zillion. On all areas, the Versuz in Hasselt is a step forward in the year 2015.

The Zillion was always a great success. Do you think that this exclusive event will just be a one-off and unique event?
Dave: That will depend on the success. The communication runs well and there’s a rush for tickets. A hype is built around the concept and it remains astonishing that there was nothing organized for about 14 years. Young people will finally get the chance now to experience the club and the visitors of those glory days can relive those moments.

Besides many residencies including La Rocca, Zillion, Versuz, you are regularly abroad. Which countries are you visiting soon?
Dave: I was in Brazil at the end of December (2014). Then to Poland, Brazil, and Uruguay. The project during the annual WMC in Miami is coming, a stop in Las Vegas and the Belgian Championships Snowboarding in Les Deux Alpes.

Which country gets your preference?
Dave: I immediately think of Ibiza then! You may send me around the world, nevertheless, Ibiza is the place. And also a small island in Brazil or Fernando De Noronha in Brazil.

You already announced the WMC project, or Miami Massive. The WMC, or Winter Music Conference, is one of the most important events in the world for all electronic music fans, DJ’s and managers. How does this event run and is Miami Massive appreciated in the United States?
Dave: This is a concept with my Australian partner, so a Belgian-Australian-American concept. We have a unique location where you can party outdoors. Miami Massive is still growing. The ticket sales runs well every year and we take many Belgians with us to the United States.

Isn’t it difficult to host an event on the WMC between all world stars, many boat and pool events, agencies and get noticed?
Dave: We already brought Tocadisco and Gregor Salto. These are stars and these names were noticed. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike also came along and are welcome each year. But nowadays they have an own event at the WMC. And of course all Belgians are welcome to visit the event.

We have already Tocadisco and Gregor Salto can bring. These are stars and those names are also noticed there. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike played on Miami Massive a few years ago. As they have a private event now, it’s a more difficult now but they are more than welcome to come over for a few drinks. And this, of course, for all other Belgians and foreigners.

You also will be playing soon on a smaller local event, Funky Friday. Can such smaller, but usually intimate, events still appeal to you?
Dave: Yes, sure. I’m regularly playing on local events and in the meantime have been playing on much local events during the years. But Funky Friday will always remain with me. It’s a fantastic event with an intimate, cozy atmosphere. Together with my friend, DJ Neon, I did experience beautiful moments there. If I’m playing before 20.000 people or 500 people, I like to do both. And I always like to come back to Funky Friday.

Do you need to adjust your choice of music or do you have a broader music style for events such as Funky Friday?
Dave: Yes, that’s exactly it. I can go deeper and much more intimate on Funky Friday and other local events. I play play my own style and can also adapt very well to the atmosphere and the visitors then. But I will always bring my own ‘touch’ in DJ sets.

You are also active as a producer. We can soon expect new productions?
Dave: The Zillion compilation is just finished. At the start of February, there will be a release on King Street Sounds with Juan Pacifico & Chappell. There’s also a collaboration with Duane Harden, Double Pleasure and others coming up. It will be a busy year in 2015.

And what about a collab with your driver at the moment, DJ Licious?
Dave: Yes, maybe. Would be fantastic no, Licious?
— Licious in the background: Perhaps we will start a new boys band! —

Finally, you have been playing on Tomorrowland for each year. Are you been spoken to about the festival abroad?
Dave: Absolutely. Honestly, I have to admit that since I played on the mainstage, like many of my gigs abroad are coming in thanks to Tomorrowland. The festival, Tomorrowland, is worldwide an understatement, such as you have Coca-Cola. I’ve been spoken to a lot about the festival abroad. Tomorrowland is world-wide known and is puting Belgium on the map. I’ll be playing also on Tomorrowland Brazil this year.

Thank you for the interview and we wish good luck in Miami and off course on Tomorrowland this year. (JL)