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Tomorrowland 2019 report 20/07/2019

  • Published on 21 Jul 2019 - 2:50pm UTC
Report TML 2019 day 2 hernan cattaneo 210719 EMmag

The 2nd day on Tomorrowland 2019.

The 2nd second day on the best dance festival of the world, Tomorrowland, started with Maceo Plex‘ Daybreak session on the mainstage. Giving artists such as Maceo Plex, Carl Cox, and next weekend with artists such as Kölsch and Claptone, the chance to have to spoil first visitors with an ideal start is a innovative way that the organization keep to improve the festival and stay original.
Maceo Plex didn’t changed anything to his typical music style and balanced between deep house and tech house.
This year we had the Ketaloco stage was on the program and we visited the stage on the water, Leaf, early to have a first impression. The first artist we heard was Mees Salomé and we immediately got a perfect picture of both the atmosphere and the music choice on this stage. Mees opted for a bit relaxing progressive which proved to be ideal.
We went back to the mainstage shortly after that for DJ Licious, or one of the best house DJs who’s representing our country internationally. With the words, “My name is DJ Licious”, he welcomed the visitors to the Mainstage, who were absent due to the rain, but when the returned could enjoy the typical Licious house music.
Caspar & Don Cabron were not to be missed on the Ketaloco stage and they had slightly more Eastern (oriental) influences and percussion featured in their DJ set. The atmosphere reached first incredible climaxes and the tone was set for a wonderful memorable time on Tomorrowland thanks to the Ketaloco crew. But the group of 23 Chinese fans (all wearing homemade Ketaloco T-shirts) who visited specially Tomorrowland for the Ketaloco concept gave it all an additional elan. “Do You Remember The First Time You Made Love” brought by Arbat, coming from Detroit, gave a warm loving moment to the Ketaloco stage, which was continued afterwards with Midnight Criminals having a sweet moment while playing a progressive house remixe of the Mory Kanté’s classic Yeke Yeke. When the Argentinian world star in the progressive house scene, Hernan Cattaneo entered the stage, the Ketaloco stage was actually too small. Hernan is popular, but even more he stands for quality. A blissful, loving and beautiful atmosphere overwhelmed everyone, from audience to fans and stage managers, everyone was in the same miraculous flow. Without a doubt, we can also point out that the Ketaloco stage was musically the best stage of the 2nd day on the 1st weekend of 15 Years Tomorrowland.
We closed the festival with Tale of Us at the nearby Afterlife stage and the duo signed for a perfect ending to our day at Tomorrowland 2019 with their typical tech house music.
On the way back we were able to enjoy a piece of Maceo Plex’ DJ set with Jeroen Delodder and Studio Brussels.
We Remember the innovation of the festival, the permanent renewing and of course the excellent atmosphere of the Ketaloco stage. (JL)