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Wolken - Shu Ha Ri EP

  • Published on 08 Feb 2019 - 4:12pm UTC
  • Rating: 9/10
Shu Ha Ri EP 080219 EMmag

The new release of Wolken the Shu Ha Ri EP on the Wolken Records label.

Wolken, or for some better known as Edward Molton, presents the new release on the Wolken Records music label. Edward Molton is also known as founder of the Nu-Breakz and Coincidence music labels. Besides that, he’s got international recognition for the new Wolken concept. The music genre is situated in techno and acid house, having a hypnotic character with the Shu Ha Ri EP. The track ‘Shu’ is pure acid techno which got a hypnotic and dreamy atmosphere. More house oriented are ‘Ha’ and ‘Ri’, being both our favorites tracks on this EP.
All tracks would suit perfectly in dj sets of both Charlotte de Witte and Amelie Lens. Wolken will be a ideal supplier of Belgian techno and acid music. (JL)