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DJ Licious Interview

  • Published on 05 Jun 2014 - 4:11pm UTC
djlicious 040614 EMmag

‘People’ is the new single from DJ Licious, and is currently being carried around the world. EM Magazine had a brief telephone interview.

’People’ is the new single. Has the production taken a long time?
Licious: The foundation of the track was laid in about 2 hours, last year in September. Afterwards came the finishing touch, especially the ‘bassline’ took some time.

Later on, the track was released on Can You Feel It Records, the label of Funkerman?
Licious: Indeed, the release was scheduled this year on April the 7th. The Track was released on Can You Feel It, and also exclusively for Belgium on La Musique Du Beau Monde, where I already had a few releases.

World stars such as Tësto are supporting the release, must be a lovely feeling?
Licious: Yes, wonderful! At first I was really surprised with Yves V’s reaction. He had heard the track countless time during the WMC in Miami. He kept asking me what track this exactly was, so I delivered him final version. And from then more artists were interested such as Flapjackers, Peter Luts, Chocolate Puma, Marko V, Franky Rizardo, Daniel Bovie and Funkerman. Then came, Tïesto, who played ‘People’ in his radioshow on BBC Radio 1.

Any future releases coming up?
Licious: Yes, a new single in collaboration with Funkerman. This track will feature his new album to be released in September this year. In addition, I’m working on some new tracks.

Having a own label, is this the future of DJ Licious?
Licious: Well, for the time being, I’m really concentrating on productions and my DJ career. I don’t have the time to manage an own label right now. Simon Dunmore launched his label, Defected In The House, 15 years ago. And that’s not immediately when starting his DJ career. So maybe, I’ll give it a go some years later from now, who knows.

You’ll be playing on many festivals soon. Where are you most looking forward to?
Licious: Hoh, too many actually. Extrema Outdoor is cozy, the own Shomi-stage I’ll be hosting on Ostend Beach, will be playing 3 times on Summerfestival. Playing both weekends on Tomorrowland, invited by Cafeina, where I’ll play a B2B set wih my colleagues Delafino and Mr Grammy. And this summer I will have a perfect ending with the mainstage on Laundry Day. Being there 5 times and now playing the mainstage for the 1st time is a great honour.

This is alos the very 1st time you’ll be hosting an own stage on a festival, or Ostend Beach?
Licious: Correct, and we going to make cozy. Shomi stands for a cozy event, not a big event and this is what we going to do on Ostend Beach. I’ll be hosting this stage together with Kevin and Ya’Mo from Krush Club, also the organizers of the festival. And I think everyone knows by now the coziness or sociability from the Shomi events, first being held in Stereo Sushi and now in La Rocca.

Are there any foreign tour or gigs planned for the near future?
Licious: Yes, but I really can’t tell much more about it yet. My agency, Pilot Agency, is currently handling everything. Though, well maybe I can say that ADE, or the annual festival in Amsterdam, is coming up. I will also play on The Gathering, TomorrowWorld this year, and in Ibiza, Riga and Bulgaria.

We thank DJ Licious for the short telephone interview, the wise words and wish him success with his further international career. (JL)