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Quality Nights

  • Published on 09 Jun 2014 - 8:19pm UTC
quality nights 090614 EMmag

Quality Nights is a new initiative from the VAD VZW in Brussels, formerly also known from the Partywise concept.

VAD is the centre of expertise for alcohol and other drug problems. Quality Nights offers, in collaboration with CGG Eclips, a new charter to make the event for attendees more enjoyable. This charter is discussed together with the local government and finally after several Months the organizer can choose to integrate Quality Nights at their events. EM Magazine had a brief telephone contact with Coordinator of VAD, Jochen Schrooten, who informed us that Partywise used to be non-binding and Quality Nights is now more structured. “By signing the charter, the eventorganisations are required to provide proposed measures and staff-training” says Jochen, and adds “we already have started a good cooperation with the city of Ghent, Nasty Mondays and the Vooruit venue and therefore you will be able to discover Quality Nights during the Kozzmozz-events and 10 Days Off.” Furthermore, Quality Nights asks also to provide a chill out zone and a first aid post, if this fits the location. “We also take care that the organization of the event will get in contact with the necessary companies who deliver free condoms and free ear-plugs. They also have to serve free water for every visitor.”

And that free water may be an important factor in heat, as we can read in the report of Extrema Outdoor Belgium.
Quality Nights will not only be represented in Ghent, but also on festivals in our country, which is obviously a safe advantage and a added value for every event.