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I Love Techno stops in Belgium

  • Published on 02 Jul 2015 - 5:02pm UTC
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I Love Techno will stop in Belgium and moves to France, Montpellier

After 10 Days Off, another music festival will stop in Ghent or, I Love Techno. The Organization, Live Nation, announced to move towards France, Montpellier, on the 19 th September. This move brings a new name, I Love Techno Europe, and also wants to unite Belgium and France in Montpellier. According to the founder, Peter Decuypere, this is rather good news, because previously he thought that I Love Techno would completely stop. Reasons for this move are the low visitors numbers in recent years and our country that has too little support for events in certain cities by many regulations and laws. The annual Red Bull Elektropedia Awards will also move, towards Brussels.(JL)