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Club Soda Festival 2015 report 12/09/2015

  • Published on 17 Sep 2015 - 4:03pm UTC
club soda festival ben pearce report 170915 EMmag

Club Soda Festival 2015, a report.

We started Club Soda Festival with Yellow Claw & The Opposites and the song ’Thunder’, loudly sung by the crowd and played on the main stage by Rakka. What a start! Next on the menu, we visited the set of Faisal who began with sharp hi hats and heavy bass lines alternating with emotional rhodes to end up with soulful house. Secondcity brought especially dubby house and afterwards Ben Pearce took it a step further with tech house (photo).
We closed the festival with the current N° 1 DJ of Belgium, according to the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, or Lefto. Without any doubt one of the best DJ’s of our country. Club Soda Festival is improving and growing every year. The cozy atmosphere that the festival has, stays an exceptional character. Our magazine would love to be back next year. (JL)