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Electronic Music Magazine Belgium

Electronic Music Magazine Belgium 2016

  • Published on 29 Jun 2016 - 5:20pm UTC
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Electronic Music Magazine Belgium 2016.

After 7 long Months full of energy, innovation, testing, re-testing, adjustments, re-testing again and after many meetings to, finally, give a “Go”, well that’s today.
During those Months, our editors received the first word to propose changes. A new admin page or back office was implemented in which the necessary margin of error was involved. After many adjustments, on-and offline testing and the final approval, we can start again.

Currently, we are still starting in an online test period, and is the staff: Annelies, Bram, Ellen, Frederick, Jennifer, Julie, Thomas,Tom, Wouter en Jochen ready to serve you.

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  • The full editorial team wishes you all many reading pleasure.