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Poppunt Play and Produce 2016

  • Published on 01 Oct 2016 - 12:02pm UTC

Poppunt presents Play & Produce 2016.

A new edition of Play & Produce, an initiative of Poppunt, will take place on the 19th November in the Vooruit venue in Ghent. Just like last year, every year youngster interested in electronic music, producing, the DJ-life will be able to gain information as a starter.
An initiative that’s being supported, among others, by Lotto, Maes, Studio Brussels, The
, Bekafun, DJ Mag and the City of Ghent. To organize this event, Poppunt reached out to the City Of Ghent getting support under the name or formule of “ Citydays / City Of Ghent (Dutch) ”. All items (lectures, tips & tricks, feedback,… van The Subs, Goldfox, Oaktree, Sasha Van Der Speeten,…) to expect in Ghent, can be found on the homepage of Play And Produce. (JL)