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Circles Of Music (Single)

  • Published on 26 Oct 2016 - 6:52pm UTC
  • Artist: Josh Lasden
  • Rating: 8/10

The label, El Futuro Recordings presents the new release of Josh Lasden & Synoptic Ft. Mátyás Blanckaert, the Circles Of Music single.

The single, Circles Of Music, is announced by the El Futuro Recordings label as the follow up for the Love At Breakfast track (url video) and the Re-Baking HBF16 EP (url emmag review), previous collaboration between Josh Lasden & Mátyás Blanckaert. This production features also a collaboration with Josh Lasden’s lifelong production partner, Synoptic. The single is a combination of deep and emotional progressive house wherein lovely Rhodes, synths, a soft piano, a funky guitar and subtle rhythms are processed. Mátyás Blanckaert’s beautiful voice was added and the floating lyrics being ’Moving around in circles’, are giving an honest look at today’s music world. In general, an ideal song full of love to reminisce and cherish your sweetest summer memories. The model Emilia Kirilova shines on the cover of this brand new release, a picture by Anh Tu Nguyen. Circles Of Music was pre-announced as very last track in the closing set of the 10th anniversary of the Herbakkersfestival in Eeklo (City), Belgium. (TE)