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Competition and DJ Sets in Fnac 30 Years TLP aka Troubleman

  • Published on 03 Nov 2016 - 1:53pm UTC

Competition and exclusive DJ Sets in Fnac Shops (Brussels – Ghent) for 30 Years TLP aka Troubleman.

Without any doubt one of the Best Belgian DJ’s and a living Legend of our music scene, Mr. TLP aka Troubleman, will be playing 2 exclusive DJ Sets on Saturday the 5th November. These exclusive DJ sets will take place in the Fnac Shops of Brussels and Ghent.

  • 05/11/2016 Fnac shop Brussels (Nieuwstraat – in Englisch the Newstreet) 13:30 – TLP Brussels Facebook
  • 05/11/2016 Fnac shop Ghent (Veldstraat – in Englisch the Fieldstreet) 16:30 – TLP Ghent Facebook
  • The Belgian king of Urban music is the leader of the Belgian Hip Hop scene. A scene that’s, as a matter of fact, doing very well with new inspiring artists. This also according all nominees of the forthcoming Red Bull Elektropedia Awards and the article Hip Hop heerst op de Red Bull Elektropedia Awards – in English Hip Hop rules on the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards published by the newspaper, De Morgen.
    The label, News Records, offers our readers a competition to win the collectors compilation 30 Years TLP aka Troubleman Recordbox #01.
    To enter the competition you need to send an e-mail along with your postal address to:
    You can enter till Friday 18/11/2016 midnight. Good luck. (JL)