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Extrema TV - Peter Decuypere

  • Published on 22 Nov 2016 - 7:52pm UTC

A new edition of Extrema TV tonight, with Peter Decuypere.

The book, We Love Events, founder I Love Techno, introducing the techno world in Belgium with Fuse club, driven promoter and marketing genius with development of clubs such as 55, Phil Collins, the innovative Lust For Life event in Culture Club, and teacher in Antwerp and Hasselt. We could place a statue for Peter Decuypere in Belgium for his passionate commitment to the electronic music world, the events sector and currently an ideal teacher for new entrepreneurs. You can follow the story of Peter Decuypere live through Extrema TV tonight. A great promotional tool for the event Extrema Noir of the Organization Extrema Outdoor Belgium.

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Extrema TV starts at 20H.00 (CET). (JL)