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Love The Future EP

love the furure 020317 EMmag

The label, El Futuro Recordings presents the new release of Josh Lasden & Synoptic, the Love The Future EP.

The Belgian El Futuro Recordings label celebrates 10 Years, this year. El Futuro Recordings was founded in 2007, but the El Futuro concept already existed of 1998 with the eponymous radio show and later on events. This Love The Future EP presents 2 new lounge tracks, or a teaser of the forthcoming 10 Years El Futuro Recordings mixed album. The EP starts with ‘Meeting The Mermaids’, possesses a rolling rhythm, floating pads, and an excellent break in which the piano forms a beautiful fullness. ‘Love The Future’, works with strings, an arpeggio and soft percussion.

You can discover a teaser of the full here: 10 Years El Futuro Recordings teaser.
The full album is expected to be released in April. (TE)