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Josh Lasden - 10 Years El Futuro Recordings (mixed album)

  • Published on 07 Apr 2017 - 5:20pm UTC
  • Artist: Josh Lasden
  • Rating: 9/10
10 Y EFR album 070417 EMmag

The label, El Futuro Recordings presents the new release, the album 10 Years El Futuro Recordings (mixed album), of Josh Lasden.

Finally, the Belgian El Futuro Recordings label, is releasing the long-awaited album, 10 Years El Futuro Recordings (mixed album). This album is a wonderful adventure through 10 years futuristic music of the label mixed by label manager, Josh Lasden. Artists featured on this album are Hazem Beltagui, Nathan Coles, Nils Hess, Jodie Furtado and Mátyás Blanckaert. Our favorite tracks Wavecatcher, Love At Breakfast, Funkadunk and Circles Of Music are all selected for this album. Tomorrowland used the Circles Of Music this year for 1 of their promotional videos. The new track, Angels In Heaven, is just wonderful, due to the great emotional factor and the deep house feel brought by the bass line, an arpeggio and vocal cuts. Congratulations towards the El Futuro Recordings label, all the artists and label manager Josh Lasden. (TE)