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Charlotte de Witte - Tomorrowland 2017 Interview

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An interview with Charlotte de Witte, the Belgian techno queen on Tomorrowland 2017.

We’re on Tomorrowland, the best dance festival of the world. How do you experience this event?
Charlotte: Tomorrowland is a very unique experience every year. I have been visiting the festival for many years, but still I’m amazed of their production. This production is just unmatchable. You can notice the knowledge and love they’ve been putting in those productions. It’s an honor to have been booked so often on such a fantastic festival.

How was it to meet our King (Filip) and Queen (Mathilde)?
Charlotte: I am quite honored to have been able to meet our King’s couple! There aren’t many people who can say that eventually. So, I’m very happy that I have been gotten the chance to do such a thing. The audience itself was quite short, we couldn’t talk that long, but I liked was the amazement in their eyes. They were sincerely impressed on how such a festival actually looked like.

Will this audience get a special place in your career or a photo at your home?
Charlotte: It was mainly a personal honor to meet the King and Queen of Belgium. It’s a memory that I will surely cherish. I wouldn’t hang a photograph at my place, but my grandmother, for example, has already asked for a big copy for her home. A proud grandmother, she is.

Your productions are mostly dark techno oriented. Can we expect an album release?
Charlotte: One Day. There are no concrete plans for this, but the idea is already in my head.

Would there ever be a place for techno in which funk, disco or house influences have also been processed?
Charlotte: I obviously don’t have a crystal ball, but it certainly can. Techno itself is a specific genre, but that ensures that there’s space to make crossovers to another genre. Let’s say, a cross-pollination.

7 years DJ. To what exactly did you owe this fast progress??
Charlotte: I think that I’ve been lucky to do the right things on the right time. I’ve always been well assisted by others and have always been able to count on lots support from (National Radio) Studio Brussels. My own (radio) shows there, have ensured that I’ve been able to really perfect myself as a DJ. I learned a lot from this. Making own productions, combined with hosting my own party and playing the right sets on the right places with the right audience will also certainly contributed to my growth.

Your KNTXT nights are a great success. Where is the next KNTXT event planned?
Charlotte: I’m hosting an edition again in (club) Fuse in September en later on there’s an edition planned for another city. But unfortunately, I can’t tell you more about this.

You studied event management/marketing. Can you use these studies in the DJ world?
Charlotte: To be honest, well actually not at all. I haven’t completed my studies and made the choice to go full time for music. So, I can’t give any uncolored answer to this either. But, the experiences that I’ve have gained over the years as a DJ, are worth at least as much to me. Maybe more, than obtaining a diploma in the event sector.

So, what was your most beautiful experience on Tomorrowland so far?
Charlotte: Difficult question. The very first time always remains very special, I think. I was allowed to open the Main Stage in 2011 after winning the Tomorrowland DJ Contest. At that time I was playing Electro, which was fitting there. There wasn’t a big crows, as it was the opening set, but lots of friends where in the crowd to support me. And this made it a wonderful and nice experience.

We’re already looking forward to your album and thank you for the interview on Tomorrowland. (JL)