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Far Horizont EP

  • Published on 07 Mar 2018 - 5:20pm UTC
  • Artist: IIMusic
  • Rating: 8/10
Far Horizont EP 070318 EMmag

The Far Horizont EP of IIMusic on the Nicksher Music label.

Chill Out and Lounge music is nowadays immensely popular thanks to the streaming services. Many lovers of the genre find their way towards hours of beautiful lounge music. This Far Horizont EP release of IIMusic on the Nicksher Music label is wonderful. The title track, ’Far Horizont’, but also ’Oceoan Memories’ and ’After Day’ are all lounge and chill out tracks being ideal for a sultry summer night. When checking these tracks we immediately think of a beach, sea and a nice cocktail on a summer evening. Our favorite is the title song, Far Horizont, which contains a beautiful melody, angels voices, guitars and pianos. We are already looking forward to the next releases on the Nicksher Music label. (TE)