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Noski Ft Rhea Raj - Forget Yesterday (single)

  • Published on 25 May 2018 - 2:14pm UTC
  • Artist: Noski
  • Rating: 10/10
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Sirup Music presents the single Forget Yesterday of Noski Ft. Rhea Raj.

Perhaps thé summer tune of 2018 is Forget Yesterday of Noski Ft. Rhea Raj. A beautiful summer house track that will be heard on many festivals worldwide. But not only festivals, Forget Yesterday is also an ideal radio tune. Future House consisting out of a funky bass line, piano keys and the wonderful voice of Rhea Raj. Without any doubt a 10/10 rating for Forget Yesterday released on the Sirup Music label. Let the summer begin with the Flash Forward Presents resident DJ, Noski. (JL)